Choosing the Right Apparel for Your Company Uniform

Choosing the Right Apparel for Your Company Uniform

So you’ve decided that your business needs a company uniform – but what apparel should you use? There are so many options for different types of clothing as well as variations of each type that it can be overwhelming to pick the one that works best for your business. The perfect type of apparel depends on what you do and what you are looking to accomplish – so let’s go over some tips that can jumpstart the process!

Down-and-Dirty Businesses

Does your company do work that involves manual labor or working in less-than-pristine situations? A great idea for this type of business is to have custom, dark-colored sweatshirts made. There’s a reason why you see so many landscapers, carpenters and construction workers with dark-colored company sweatshirts. First, if you are working outside – you need something warm to wear! Your employees can work through the colder months wearing something warm and comfortable. It’s smart to go with dark colors like black, dark green, and dark blue – lighter colors will look dirtier after a long day’s work. The last thing you want is to have the crew looking unkempt on the job. 

Fitness Fits

Do you own a business that cares about fitness such as a gym or health supplement store? You may want to go with sleek, fitted v-neck t-shirts for your company uniform. Your fitness-minded employees likely take pride in their exercise regimen and that should be reflected in their work uniform. Tight, fitted v-necks will show off your employees as the fitness authorities they are. The last thing someone walking into a gym should see is someone at the front desk wearing a sloppy, loose t shirt that would be better utilized as a nightgown. 

Down-To-Earth Company Uniform 

While professionalism is a good look for many businesses, sometimes it can throw off the vibe you are trying to curate with your brand. Businesses that want their customers to feel relaxed and comfortable in a down-to-earth environment should go with apparel that reflects that. Go with something that you think your employees would wear in their downtime. Long sleeve shirts are great canvases for graphics that give off a laid-back and organic vibe. Sometimes the best way to do this is with a simple logo on the breast of the shirt and a graphic that matches your brand across the back. 

Customer Service & Tech

There’s a reason you always see businesses like phone companies and technology stores use collared shirts for their company uniform. There is something about embroidered polo-style shirts that screams professionalism. In businesses where you want to be seen as an authority of your technical field, a professional appearance is always beneficial. When you have complicated tech issues and questions to solve and answer, you want the customer thinking ‘this person definitely knows what they are doing,’ and collared uniforms are a great way to foster that appearance.  

Professional Custom Apparel

Ready to create your company uniform?  You’ll want to go to the pros. From screen printed apparel to customized signage and promotional products, NJ Ink Shop can bring your vision to life. Don’t let your brand blend in with the crowd, let us set you apart with custom-made artistry. Not exactly sure what you are looking for? Our talented designers can lead you in the right direction – we can even create a design for you! It’s time to get creative, it’s time to get inked.

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