Unique Party Ideas To Give Your Next Event a Personal Touch

Unique Party Ideas To Give Your Next Event a Personal Touch

Are you planning a special event and need some unique party ideas? A great way to do this is to add your own personal touch with customized party favors. Maybe you want to make a birthday party more memorable. Or you want to give your wedding guests a memento. No matter the event, there are custom products perfect for any occasion. Here are some great ways to make a splash with your party or event with these unique party ideas. 

Children’s Birthday Party

It’s no secret that kids love walking away from a party with a goodie bag. What may seem like a simple trinket or your average T-shirt could end up being a child’s prized possession. This is especially true when these items are unique to the party they attend. Custom items also allow you to make an awesome themed birthday party. For example, you can print partygoers’ names on the back of football jerseys to make a memorable sports-themed party. On top of that, your child will be Mr. or Ms. popular once all the kids are running around with their own custom party favor. 


While weddings may not be the best event for a customized T-shirt, there are plenty of classy and unique party ideas that can add a personal touch on your special day. A custom wine glass celebrating the wedding is a great way to add some charm to the guest’s tables. This can elevate the overall decor of your wedding venue and it gives your guest something nice to walk away with. 

custom promotional products

While on the subject of weddings, custom items can be a great gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties. During most bachelor or bachelorette parties, the wedding party will all go out on the town wearing something to let the world know what they are celebrating. T-shirts with a funny slogan are great for bachelor parties or you could make a custom sash for a bride-to-be. There are so many unique party ideas with fun custom items that can make the celebration a bit more special. 

Custom Signs

No matter the type of event or party you are planning, it always helps to lead the way for guests with a sign. For a special event, you don’t want to just post a piece of paper or tie some balloons somewhere. Creating a custom sign for your event is a great way to impress guests even before they join the party. 


Fundraisers are all about helping out our fellow humans. However, it is always nice to walk away with a little something that makes you feel appreciated. Fundraisers are a great place to hand out custom apparel or items commemorating the event. This small token of appreciation can make attendees more likely to make a donation. The apparel or items can also act as a promotional tool for the fundraiser. When people see a stylish and comfortable fundraiser T-shirt, they will be more likely to ask about it and potentially donate at the next event. 

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Bringing Unique Party Ideas to Life

If you are ready to make a splash with these unique party ideas you’ll want to go to the pros. From screen-printed apparel to customized signage and promotional products, NJ Ink Shop can bring your vision to life. Let us make your event more memorable with some custom-made artistry. Not exactly sure what you are looking for? Our talented designers can lead you in the right direction – we can even do the designing for you! It’s time to get creative, it’s time to get inked.

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