Establishing a Brand for Your Own Custom T Shirt Line

Establishing a Brand for Your Own Custom T Shirt Line

Have you decided to start a custom T shirt line by using a custom screen printing service? Before you jump right into printing your new shirts, you’ll need to learn the importance of establishing your brand. Your T shirts need an identity, a reputation that precedes it. No matter how awesome your shirts are, without a brand, customers won’t be coming back for more. Your brand is your business and you should do everything you can to market both effectively. 

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Target Audience

In just one glance at a businesses’ marketing, it is pretty clear who the target demographic is. Your brand identity needs to make it obvious who they are trying to sell to. Your font, color palette, and overall marketing should be catered to those who are most likely to enjoy your product. This also increases your business’ visibility. People will recognize what message your brand is communicating and will go to you if they have matching interests. 

Get Honest Feedback

When you start a custom T shirt line, you will probably be inundated with words of encouragement from family and friends. Even the most honest among them will likely sugarcoat any criticism they may have. Make sure to look for feedback on not only your T shirt designs but your brand in general. Ask other professionals in your field or even anonymous people on the internet. No one can hit the mark 100% of the time and constructive criticism is a great way to gauge public opinion on your brand. 


One of the worst pitfalls a T shirt company can fall into is having a lack of diversity in their lineup. So many brands will hit the ground running with an awesome design that sells like hotcakes. While this, of course, isn’t a bad thing – it will not support you in the long term. Once that one design or T shirt line goes out of style, you will be scrambling to catch lightning in a bottle a second time. The best strategy is to diversify the types of shirts you sell. Use different concepts and different shirt styles so your brand doesn’t get typecast and end up being a ‘one-hit wonder.”

High-Quality Products

As far as T shirts go, fabric quality is just as important as the design itself. Anyone can slap a design or logo on a cheap custom T shirt but who is going to buy a shirt that isn’t comfortable? When looking for a screen printing company, make sure they use high quality, comfortable T shirts. Do research to find out which material you want to use. With high-quality shirts, people will associate your brand with professionalism and be more likely to make a purchase.

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Keep Going

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when establishing your brand is giving up too early. You can’t create a well-known brand overnight and it will take a lot of trial and error to get to that point. Always look for new opportunities to spread your message and improve your business. If you put in hard work, long hours, and passion, you will have a much better chance of creating a successful T shirt brand. 

Custom T Shirt Experts

If you are ready to make a splash with your new custom T shirt brand? You’ll want to go to the pros. From screen printed apparel to customized signage and promotional products, NJ Ink Shop can bring your vision to life. Don’t let your brand blend in with the crowd, let us set you apart with custom-made artistry. Not exactly sure what you are looking for? Our talented designers can lead you in the right direction – we can even do the designing for you! It’s time to get creative, it’s time to get inked.

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